Upcoming Presentation: Cloud vs. On-Premise: How Do You Decide?

I will be presenting session EL142809 “Cloud vs. On-Premise: How Do You Decide?” at Ellucian Live 2018 in San Diego on Wednesday, April 11 at 9 AM. Come and join me if you are attending ELive.

Cloud? SaaS? Traditional, status-quo on-premise? How do you decide what type of deployment you will use? DeSales University, a Colleague institution, will discuss the different options, what they mean, and what factors you should consider in your decision. Get past the buzzwords and down to the strategic decisions you need to make to support your institution’s goals. Should you get out of the data center business? Do you need to retain full control of some services? Let’s review some of the factors to consider, and make the right decision for your institution.

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